Bitcoin-Gotta Cash 'em All (Pokemon Parody) By Jason Paige-The Original Theme Singer Ausgewählte

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It's true. The Original Pokemon Theme Singer Jason Paige uses Bitcoin 'TO UNDERSTAND THE POWER THATS INSIDE' !

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Defy Gravity w My Flying Tie

More great direction and camera work by Adam Gotsens.

I wanna pay with the very best Like no one ever has
To mine them is our real test To use them is our cause
Bit will travel across the land And all decentralized
Just use Bitcoin to understand The power that’s inside

Bitcoin Gotta cash em all
It’s more than currency
I know it’s our destiny
Oh the banks are scared
Cause it’s spreading everywhere

Bitcoin Gotta cash em all
A network to trust so true
The block-chain will pull us through
You teach me and I’ll teach you about Bitcoin
Gotta cash em all
Gotta cash em all yeah

A million dApps are on the way to change the cyberspace
It’s more than just that dollar that crypto will replace
Governments will try to stop what cannot be undone
Crypto coins are here to stay
The future has begun

Bitcoin Gotta cash em all
From you to me
It’s global and P to P
Oh It’s so much more
Just wait for what’s in store
Bitcoin Gotta cash em all
Consensus rules
Central banks are all for fools
You teach me and I’ll teach you about Bitcoin
Gotta cash em all
Gotta cash em all

Been a long time comin, yeah
Gotta cash em all
We been through the crypto winter, it’s time for the summer
Gotta cash em all It’s blowin up up
Come on get in
Gotta cash em all It’s blowin up Bitcoin
Yeah, you know you want it
Freedom Independence Anonymity Security
Changing the world come on here we go

Bitcoin Gotta cash em all
From Satoshi, the newest technology
Oh the Fed’s annoyed cause it cannot be destroyed
Bitcoin Gotta cash em all
The block chain can replace every middle man
You teach me and I’ll teach you about Bitcoin
Gotta cash em all
Gotta cash em all

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