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PLATINCOIN - The Coin-(R)EVOLUTION !!! Register free: PLC Coin START only with 0.10 €

NEW COIN - NEW BUSINESS - YOUR GREATEST CHANCE 2017!!! What everyone is trying – we achieved it! The Megacoin-Business starts on May, 11th 2017 Prelaunch April, 11th 2017 Swiss AG with 13,5 billion deposit 100% liquid from the first day on -Company head office is in Zug,Switzerland (Registered in the commercial register in Canton/Zug) ,Other offices are in Berlin, Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, and Astana. -Platincoin will immediately be listed on 2 stock exchanges for cryptic currencies. -Platincoin will immediately be listed in -Platincoin is immediately tradable. -Platincoin is already produced. -Platincoin goes to public from the start (11 May 2017). -Platincoin start fixed value is 0,100 €. -Expected value by the end of 2017 is between 1€ or more. -Platincoin is limited to 500,000,000 coins. -The Blockchain transactions tests has been carried out already. Live Block explorer : -Latest Technology : Hybrid Blockchain. -The Blockchain is 10 times faster than bitcoin blockchain ( Speed of the blockchain : 75t cp / s ). -Security: 100% DZNT. -Anonymity : 100%. -The technology behind the hybrid blockchain is unique, It is a mix of (POW) and (POS) called (Proof Of Activity). 90% of all coins are already produced, the rest will be mined with an enermous difficulty, making the purchase of these coins more profitable. -Each user has a personal security(Patended)Standalone E-wallet system for the coins. -Protection / Support of the coins by precious metal and participations. -No Tokens, No Split, No difficulty levels, No blocking periods. -There are 7 different starter packages. The prices of the packages are 5 €, 50 €, 250 €, 500 €, 1000 €, 5000 €, and 10000 €. -The purchase of the coins can be done by using ADV cash, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Other payment options are already working on. -To purchase the coins there is 7 Business Packages (from 5 € to 10,000€) , Immediately after purchase coins goes directly to the user Standalone E-wallet. -As a start with the value of 0.100 € per coin, For example the package of 1000 € give you 10,000 coins. (the more the value increase, the less coins the same package give you). -A Guaranteed repurchase of the coins by the company itself. (You can sell the coins you have already bought to the company). -Platincoin is revolutionized by a social media platform with a reccomendation network worldwide and an amazing compensation plan. -Lucrativ unilevel plan up to the 11 level, Bonuses ( Cash Account : 70% / Trading Account : 30% ), A rank bonus of € 1,338,800 is possible. Register free:

PLC Coin START only with 0.10 €

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