Interview With Max Kordek - Co-founder, Lisk at IBW 2017 Ausgewählte

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Lisk is a public blockchain platform that provides decentralized blockchain apps. Lisk is also a cryptocurrency and its token is called LSK that fuels Lisk's Blockchain.

In this interview, Lisk's Co-founder Max Kordex discusses everything you need to know about Lisk project, its Team, and its future plans.

Here he is answering some questions like
-What is Lisk?
-What is the relationship of Lisk and ICOs?
-What one needs to do to become a Blockchain Developer?
-What is Lisk's Rebranding Plans?
-Lisk's Team Background
-His India Blockchain Week and Asia tour Experience?
-What are Max's 5 favorite cryptocurrencies? (Not an investment advice)

Particularly I was amazed to know that how Lisk will hopefully host more ICOs than Ethereum is doing today.

Also, it was an amazing experience meeting him and knowing directly about Lisk's blockchain and its cryptocurrency token- LSK at the India Blockchain Week 2017, Mumbai.

Check out the complete interview & learn more about Lisk.

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