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Magazines and Blogs

  • CryptoHackers - Cryptoworld superheroes interviews. Fascinating facts, teams insides and success stories.
  • CoinTelegraph - The leading publication offering latest news, analysis, expert opinions, community commentaries. Founded in 2013.
  • CoinDesk - CoinDesk is the world leader in news and information on digital currencies. 17M mothly users.
  • CryptoCoins News - Fresh news and analysis. This huge blog posts very frequently. Approx. 7M readers monthly.
  • Bitcoin Magazine - Bitcoin Magazine is the oldest and most established source of news, information and expert commentaries. Sometimes posts deep and very interesting articles.
  • 99 Bitcoins - 99 Bitcoins is the largest information source for non technical newbies.
  • Coin Speaker - Founded in 2014, CoinSpeaker is one of the most influentional news source.
  • The Memory Pool - Satoshi Nakamoto Institute blog.
  • Tim Swanson Blog - Blog of director of market research at R3.
  • Oleg Andreev Blog - Blog of hardcore developer, product architect at
  • CoinGape - Global blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO news, updates, guides and analysis.
  • Freedom to Tinker - Princeton hosted tech blog: researches and experts commentaries.
  • Money and State - Blog of Erik Voorhees, CEO of leading digital asset exchange
  • Gavin Andersesn Blog - Blog of Bitcoin developer.
  • Peter Todd Blog - Blog of Todd, the applied cryptography consultant.
  • Richard Brown Blog - Blog of Head of Technology at R3CEV.
  • Laanwj Blog - Blog of Bitcoin core developer and reverse engineer.
  • Crypto Analyst - World’s premier cryptocurrency news analysis.
  • Bitrazzi - Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency And Blockchain News.
  • Bitfalls - Technical news, solidity tutorials, and skeptical research. EN and HR languages.
  • What Bitcoin Did - Blog of accidental Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency investor, miner, blogger and podcaster.


  • Vitalik Buterin - Ethereum creator, cryptocurrency evangelist.
  • Bitcoin Tech Talk - All About Bitcoin Development.
  • Tuur Demeester - Economist & investor, editor in chief at Adamant Research.
  • Vinny Lingham - CEO of
  • Nicolas Dorier - Main developer of NBitcoin. CTO at Metaco SA.
  • Nick Tomaino - Tech investor @RunaCapital.
  • Eric Lombrozo - Co-CEO & CTO Ciphrex Corp., Bitcoin Core contributor.
  • Jimmy Song - Bitcoin Developer and Entrepreneur.
  • Nicolas Dorier - Main developer of NBitcoin. CTO at Metaco SA.
  • Linda Xie - Product Manager @Coinbase. Advisor @0xProject.
  • Fred Ehrsam - Previously co-founder @Coinbase, trader @GoldmanSachs, computer science @DukeU.
  • Token Economy - Making sense of the latest in crypto-land: cryptocurrencies, blockchains, ICOs, dapps & the growing token economy.
  • The Midas Guide - Blockchain & crypto original researches.

Telegram Channels

News Aggregators

  • CoinBuzz - CoinBuzz aggregates news from many sources (Twitter, Reddit, Google Trends etc) and displays it in the Trello style.
  • CryptoPanic - CryptoPanic is news aggregator platform indicating impact on price and market for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  • ETHNews - ETHNews is emerging provider of Ethereum and Blockchain ecosystem news.
  • Coin Spectator - Get the latest cryptocurrency, bitcoin & blockchain news from many news sources.
  • CoinTerminal - CoinTerminal instantly aggregates, summarizes and analyzes market chatter for sentiment and streams it in real-time.
  • CoinsCalendar - CoinsCalendar displays all upcoming coins events and updates.
  • CoinDar - Be first to know about coming cryptocurrency news, updates, hard forks, meetups, coins listing on exchanges and other important events.
  • BTCnews - Mature cryptocurrency news and charts app for iOS.
  • CryptoAudio - A tool that creates news summaries from various sources and reads them using a text-to-speech technology.
  • - Top 200+ cryptocurrencies news & rumors in real time!

Price Trackers

  • Altcoins Racing - Altcoins Racing shows the price change winners and losers.
  • CoinMarketcap - Old and cool. All coins prices, graphs, market caps. API, widgets, tools. Used by 90M monthly users.
  • Coincap - CoinCap tracks market data for hundreds of cryptocurrencies in real-time. They also have very useful mobile app.
  • Cryptowatch - Live price charts and market data for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Many exchanges, flexible settings and cool API.
  • Bfxdata - Charts and Stats for Bitfinex market data and margin funding.
  • Bitcoinwisdom - Live Bitcoin/Litecoin charts with EMA, MACD and other indicators. Support many exchanges (Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Bittrex, Poloniex etc).
  • Flippening Watch - When will Ethereum overtake Bitcoin and become the most important cryptocurrency?
  • Coindex - Beautiful cryptocurrency price tracker for iOS.
  • WorldCoinIndex - Realtime cryptocurrency price monitoring tool. Lots of altcoins and many fiat currencies.
  • CryptoTrader - Cryptocurrency trading platform. Charts, news and trollbox. Add widgets to customize the look.
  • Coin Daily Update - Daily email update with price changes of customizable coins.
  • Coindera - Real time cryptocurrency price alerts for 2,000+ coins on 25+ exchanges.
  • Cryptocurrency CLI - Cryptocurrency portfolio on the command line.
  • ckandr - A command-line cryptocurrency price ticker specifically for popular Indian cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • CoinAlyze - Cryptocurrency real-time charts, price levels, statistics and candlestick patterns detection.
  • Cryptomon - Modern trading indicators and price predictions based on machine intelligence.
  • MoonHash - Cryptocurrency portfolio, price monitoring and telegram monitoring Google Chrome Extension
  • Coincall - Simplest web-based crypto price and portfolio tracker.

ICO Trackers

  • ICOtracker - Very informative and trusted tracker.
  • The ICO digest - Weekly ICO digest.
  • TokenData - See ICO stats: ROI, total investments, status and other information.
  • CoinSchedule - Live Token Sales & ICOs.
  • ICO Bazaar - Informative website + ICOs alerts.
  • Picoloresearch - Independent research on blockchain startups and ICOs.
  • Smith + Crown ICO list - Curated list of ongoing and upcoming token sales. Have some research tiers.
  • ICORating - ICOrating specializes in evaluating companies with planned ICO.
  • ICO Alert - Source for analysis of active and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings.
  • TokenMarket - TokenMarket is marketplace for tokens, digital assets and blockchain based investing.
  • ICOdrops - Constantly updating kanban style ICO board.
  • ICO Whitelists - Articles on ICOs. Also tracks growth of 200+ Telegram groups for ICOs.
  • ICOAlarm - ICO discovery, analysis, and alerts crossplatform mobile application.


  • Local Bitcoins - Buy and sell bitcoins near you. Trusted by 10M monthly users.
  • Poloniex - USA. Trust: 3.5/5. Tons of altcoins. Poor support.
  • CoinBase - USA. Trust: 5/5. Pay with fiat.
  • Kraken - USA. Trust: 5/5. Founded in 2011.
  • Bittrex - USA. Trust: 3.8/5. Many altcoins.
  • CEX.IO - UK. Trust: 5/5. Fiat. Newbie friendly.
  • BestBitcoinExchange - Curated list of 35 popular exchanges. Looks SEOish but does the job well.
  • Shapeshift - No login, fast, awesome API.
  • Changelly - Fiat, nice affiliate program.
  • Cryptoradar - Compares prices and features from > 25 exchanges and brokers.
  • Binance - Modern exchange with the lowest fees and it's own token.
  • Kucoin - Modern. Evolving really fast. Has it's own token.
  • Cryptopia - NZ. Trades 400+ crypto currencies plus marketplace that lets you sell anything for cryptocurrency.
  • Guarda Exchange - Anonymous crypto exchange and wallet.



  • The Moon Trollbox - Hot news discussions, rumors and friendly talks. No cersorship.
  • The CHT Community - Official CryptoHackers Telegram chat. The place to talk to founders of your favourite crypto startups & apps.
  • Crypto Aquarium - Great community (Telegram, Slack). Curated by Joshua Petty, the Coindex creator. 800+ members.
  • Bitpam - Friendly Discord community. 300+ members.
  • Bitcoin Core Community - Telegram discussion about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Core. 2000+ members.
  • BitcoinMarkets - Bitcoin and cryptocurrency price discussion. The official Slack of /r/bitcoinmarkets. 4000+ members.
  • Blockstack - Official Blockstack Slack community. 3000+ members.
  • CryptoMinded - All things crypto: events, jobs, trades, news. 1000+ Slack members.
  • IRC #bitcoin channel - Old good IRC. The channel of 200 silent people.